Jenny Poston began working in ceramics in 2016 after a career in interior design and lighting design. Jenny studied architecture at the University of Arizona and then completed a Masters degree in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design.

She transitioned fully into product design after joining a boutique design studio in Los Angeles, where she created decorative lighting, hand-sculpted furniture hardware, and sculpted various cast decorative objects for a luxury brand retail store.

 Jenny's passion for ceramics was sparked after accidentally buying the wrong type of clay for a design project for a client. The project was ultimately salvaged, but the mistake launched Jenny on a quest to learn more about ceramics, how clay behaves, the nuances of glazing and firing. First, bringing her ideas to life in a small home workspace before expanding to her current studio space in Southeast Portland on Division Street.

 In her studio, she is busy creating objects and developing her own product lines in lighting, bringing together her passion for abstract, sculptural forms with functionality. Her art forms are inspired by nature, modernism, brutalist architecture, and pure intuition. Her pieces are wheel-thrown, hand-built or a combination of the two, consisting of sculpted forms and hand-carved textures using stoneware and porcelain clay. Her work displays an architectural sensibility, combining form and function in unexpected ways.